How to set up PPTP VPN on Windows 7


Please get your VPN account information from your VPN service provider.

It should includes:
  • VPN Server Address (usally a host name or ip address)
  • VPN username
  • VPN password

You will need to use these information when setup VPN connection .

Setup VPN connection

  1. Open Control Panel , click View network status and tasks
  1. Click Setup a new connection or network
  1. Click Connect to a workplace
  1. Choose Use my Internet connection(VPN)
  1. Fill the fields, then click Next .
    • Internet address - VPN Server Address
    • Destination name - Enter a name, the default one is ok .
    • Don’t connect now, just setup it up so I can connect later - Check this one
  1. Enter username and password, then click Create
    • User name - VPN username
    • Password - VPN password
    • Rember this password - Check it
    • Domain - Leave it blank
  1. The VPN connection is created. You can click on Network Adapter icon in system tray, connection list will popup . Click the VPN connection to connect .

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