Which connection method should I use ?

Normally , PPTP is just ok . If you have problem using PPTP, you can use L2TP . if neither L2TP or PPTP works for you , you can OpenVPN .

I have connect to the VPN server, but I still can’t open website XXX ?

The reason might be DNS Poisoning , please follow the instruction to fix the problem :

  1. Open System Preferences , choose Network
  2. Find the network connection that used to access internet (before you dial the VPN connection). For example AirPort , select the connection , click Advanced .
  1. Select DNS tab, delete current DNS server , press icon at the bottom,enter and as DNS servers, then click OK to save the change.
  1. Open Utility -> Terminal
  2. Enter dscacheutil -flushcache and press Enter .
  1. Disconnect the vpn connect and reconnect .
  2. Restart your web browser .

I can’t change network settings ?

Please click the lock icon to make changes.