How to set up PPTP VPN on iPhone/iPad/iPod


Please get your VPN account information from your VPN service provider.

It should includes:
  • VPN Server Address (usally a host name or ip address)
  • VPN username
  • VPN password

You will need to use these information when setup VPN connection .

Setup VPN connection

  1. Open Settings , choose General , then choose Network , then choose VPN .

You will see the following screen.

  1. Use Add VPN Configuration to add new configuration
  1. Choose PPTP on top tab, then fill fields with details
    • Descriotion - any name like “pptp”
    • Server - your vpn server (hostname or ip address)
    • Account - your vpn username
    • Password - your vpn password
    • Send All Traffic - turn it on (which is default)

Then press Save button.

  1. The new vpn configuration has been created .

You can connect to the server now .


I can’t connect to the server ?

Please make sure your phone have useable internet connection. If not , trun your WIFI or 3G on .

After that, if you still can’t connect to vpn server, the reason might be

  • You are unable to reach the vpn server , bad network connection , server blocked by your ISP ...
  • PPTP protocal is blocked by your ISP
  • The vpn server is down .

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