How to set up IKEv2 VPN on iPhone/iPad/iPod


Please get your VPN account information from your VPN service provider.

It should includes:
  • iOS Profile Url (.mobileconfig file)
  • VPN username
  • VPN password

You will need to use these information when setup VPN connection .

Setup VPN connection

  1. Open iOS Profile Url in Safair on your mobile device , you will see the following screen
  1. Click Install , you may be asked for your device’s passcode .
  1. In the warning screen, click Install, and click Install again in the popup menu .
../_images/confirm_install_1.png ../_images/confirm_install_2.png
  1. Enter VPN password, press Next .
  1. You can see the Profile Installed screen , click Done
  1. Open Settings , choose General , then choose VPN , you will see the vpn connection you just installed . You can now select the connection and connect to it .

Delete VPN connection

In case , you want to delete the installed vpn connection, see following steps .

  1. Open Settings , choose General , then choose Profile. Select the profile you want to delete .
  2. Click Delete Profile, then enter the passcode for you device .
../_images/remove_profile_1.png ../_images/enter_password.png
  1. Click Delete again in the popup menu .