How to set up L2TP VPN on Android device


Please get your VPN account information from your VPN service provider.

It should includes:
  • VPN Server Address (usally a host name or ip address)
  • VPN username
  • VPN password
  • VPN Secret Key (or Pre-Shared Key)

You will need to use these information when setup VPN connection .

Setup VPN connection

  1. Open Settings, choose Wireless and Network , choose VPN 。You will see the following screen, press + to add VPN 。
  1. Fill the fields with details
    • Name - any name like “l2tp”
    • Type - choose L2TP/IPSec PSK
    • Server Address - your vpn server (hostname or ip address)
    • IPSec Pre-shared Key - your VPN Secret Key

then presee “Save” button.

  1. The vpn profile have been created . Press the item ,enter username and password in the popup ,then press Connect
../_images/choose_vpn_to_connect.png ../_images/enter_username_password.png

Check “save account information”, so you don’t need to enter username and password next time .

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